About Us

Student Scents Candle Company is a family-owned business based in West Michigan. We are on a mission to make quality candles for students and lifelong learners. We all have more to learn, so whether you have many years of higher education or you take every day as a new learning opportunity, this candle is for you!

The Candle

We hand-pour every Student Scents Candle for a purpose: to be a great candle.

  • Our wax is a beeswax blend with absolutely no paraffin and consisting mostly of beeswax and coconut wax - it smells like honey before we add fragrance.
  • Our fragrance oils are locally made and are free of the toxins found in the cheaper online options. 
  • We use premium wooden wicks for a crisp, consistent, and delightful burn (it crackles as it burns!).
  • We house it all in our quality amber jars with relatable student-themed labels.
  • Every candle is homemade and ready for your home table!

The Owners

Logan and Rachel Bailey are a husband-and-wife-candle-making duo. Making candles has been something they have both loved doing since they were first dating. They've made it their business to make high-quality candles specifically for students. Together they have 16 years of experience in higher academia which gives them insight into what being a student is like. They also never want to stop learning.

These candle-makers are here because they want to give you, a lifelong learner, something you're proud to burn. 

Our Values

Relatability. Purity. Health.

  • Relatability: Our brand always uses relatable labels so that every candle also offers a sense of connection to your present or past student life. 
  • Purity: Our products are made do purely one thing: be a great candle. There are four pieces to our candle: quality wick, beautiful jar, delightful fragrance oil, and phenomenal wax.
  • Health: Our customers’ health and safety are among our top priorities. We use high-quality raw materials and our product designs are thoroughly tested to ensure safety.