Want to sell some candles? We would love to work with you. Please let us know if you're interested in ordering wholesale by emailing us through our "Contact Us" page.


For wholesale orders every 7 oz candle costs $12 and every 3.5 oz candle costs $6. This enables you to have a 100% mark-up; our candles sell at retail for $24 and $12, respectively.

Custom Labeling

Custom labels are available as well. There is a small fee for printing custom labels. For wholesale orders with custom labels, every 7 oz candle costs $13 and every 3.5 oz candle costs $6.50. You can waive the custom label fee by ordering at least 40 candles.

Minimum Quantity

We usually only consider potential wholesale orders of at least 12 candles.


We prefer to personally deliver wholesale orders to save money (ours and yours). However, if it is not possible for us to personally deliver the candles, we can coordinate shipping costs based on your wholesale order amount.

Wholesale Agreement

Please contact us as soon as possible if you are interested in doing wholesale orders. Email us through our "Contact Us" page or by directly emailing us at studentscentscc@gmail.com. We will work with you to create a wholesale agreement. Thank you!